Replace Negatives with Positives


Keeping it gliding

Celebrities are people too. Every now and then, sometimes we “civilians” forget that. Taking a timeout, celebrities go about managing their online reputation as the local business. Celebrities take on polls sometimes and help others to help them decide which outfits are best for them. A lot of the time, just like with us, we look at the latest fashions in designs. It’s no different than when the “regular” people on the planet want to know current styles.

It’s just like that throughout the seasons. Part of how to keep their reputation up on scale, celebrities have things like polls. With these polls, celebrities are able to keep their fans engaged. According to, celebrity online management is tied very closely to a celebrity’s online brand strategy. Watching what people say about your brand is a great way to know where you may need to help your brand improve.

No matter how long your brand has been around, sometimes a little criticism is needed. A lot of the time when someone has something to say about a brand, it’s not that they think the brand is all the way around bad but just a few improvements. For example, when someone says that they like a product within the company but they just wish that there would be a faster delivery service this is just one thing within the company that can be fixed. It’s not all bad.

Bright Past online reputation management services coupled up with thorough reputation audit are aimed at removing negative mentions from the web and creating a totally positive image for the client, be it a company, a celebrity or any random individual. explains that image management companies

  • Monitor
  • Source
  • Strategize

When monitoring occurs, the company keeps an eye on gossip blogs, social media trends and more. When these are all looked at in its entirety, an overall view of what people think can be looked at more in depth and corrections fixed when it’s known of what customers are “complaining” about.

Sourcing and Strategy

Sourcing and strategy are two other important tasks that need to be looked at. With sourcing, you get down to the point of who said what and why. No-one likes to have a rumor spread about them, celebrity or not. Determining if a rumor is just that a rumor or if it is true or not, determines the outcome of a situation. Tracking down the source can be difficult but not impossible. With the way software is now a days and how advanced everything keeps becoming is very important to now and then.

Strategy is one of those things that a celebrity’s team may or may not have to engage in “Damage control”. It’s kind of a safe bet to not engage heavily with “beef” but it will be able to help you to determine how far to take a situation. Staying positive is one of the best things that anyone can do in a heated situation. When you get into a situation that will potentially put you at “peril” stay positive and try to keep an open mind and open heart. Don’t allow someone else’s negativity effect your inner positive vibes.